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Strike to the larynx, Foot throw

The techniques are extremely fast, consistently and hard to perform!

  • Initial situation
    • The aggressor is located in front of the defender
    • Lateral Stick strike with the back hand to the ribs

  • Defense
    • Shorten distance to the aggressor
    • Outer forearm block (Soto uke) to the forearm of the aggressors with the arm near the stick ...
    • ... at the same time a body rotation about 90° away from the striking arm

  • Defense technique
    Hand edge strike, O soto gari
    • Horizontal hand edge strike (Mae shuto uchi) to the larynx with the non blocking hand
    • The blocking hand presses the striking arm in front of the body of the aggressors, while ...
    • ... a 90° body rotation back in front of the aggressor
    • Approach of O soto gari
    • The trow down is executed with the help of a handball shock (Shotei uchi) onto the Solar Plexus with the blocking hand

  • Completion
    • Disarm and make sure the stick
    • Go on distance or ...
    • ... a final Atemi technique

To ensure the weapon is mandatory!