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Ude ate waza Ashi ate waza

Atemi waza - strike-/kicktechniques

Ashi ate waza - Foot / Leg strike techniques

Foot tip, foot instep, shin, hoes

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The techniques described are intended only to show different ways of striking. The starting position or the application in differentiated attacks is situational and not binding.

Hiza gashira ate - Knee strikes/shocks

With the knee can be both struck and shocked. Impingement surface is the kneecap. Knee techniques are very effective and dangerous. At the knee shock the hip is strongly shifted to the target; in contrast a very strong hip rotation are used during the knee strike... [more]

Sekito ate - Footpad shocks (especially Mae geri)

There are a lot of kicks with the ball of the foot. The techniques belong in the group of kicks (Ashi geri), but since they are easily and efficiently to use, they are presented separately here. It is important to distinguish in stitched foot shock and snapped foot strike. In both techniques, the knee moves first, and then the foot is after hurled... [more]

Kagato ate - Foot shocks with the heel

The heel strike downward is well suited for use as a final technique. Effective tamped kick techniques are directed against the solar plexus, the groin or in the knee and foot of the aggressor. Tamped kicks on the dorsum of the foot are ideal as a solvent technique at clinches... [more]

Ashi geri - Kick with the foot (common)

The techniques of the kicks are grouped into a plurality of sub groups. These differ according to the direction, shape and motion and the used impact surface (ball of the foot, instep, side of foot, etc.). Introduce all the techniques here, is beyond the scope of the website, so here the most effective for self-defense techniques are shown... [more]

Ude ate waza Ashi ate waza
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