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Ude uke waza Te uke waza Ashi uke waza

Block punches, strikes, kicks correctly

Hand block

Chudan, Jodan, outward, inward, sweep

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The techniques described are intended only to show different ways of blocking. The starting position or the application in differentiated attacks is situational and not binding.

Juji uke – Cross block

Juji uke is the so-called cross block. The forearms and the solid clenched fists form a cross in the area of the wrists. The attacking extremity is caught at the apex of the "cross". Juji uke is also known as Kosa uke... [more]

Shotei uke – Handball block

Shotei uke is defined as a hand block with the ball of the hand (see also Ude ate waza, Shotei uchi). In this block technique it must be ensured that your own fingers are not violated. Shotei uke is also known as Teisho uke... [more]

Shuto uke – Hand edge block

At Shuto uke the block is performed with the edge of the hand. The technique can be used in the lower Jodan, Chudan and upper Gedan area as well. In Shotokan Karate, it is intended as a hard block technique to break the opponent's arm. But it can also prepare the grip of the opponent's arm... [more]

Haishu uke – Back of the hand block

At Haishu uke the back of the hand is used as the impact surface while blocking. This technique offers, in the first line as sweeping block (Haishu uke barai) at lateral blocks (uchi or soto uke). This block should not be used in hard-fought strikes or kicks... [more]

Ude uke waza Te uke waza Ashi uke waza
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