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Te kansetzu Ude kansetzu Ashi kansetzu Kubi kansetzu

Kansetzu waza - Levering techniques

Neck levering techniques

Cervical vertebra, intervertebral discs, twist, overstretch

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The techniques described are intended only to present the corresponding levering technique. The starting position or the application in differentiated attacks is situational and not binding. The techniques shown refer to the judo system of Mikonosuke Kawaishi. See also the section of levering techniques at

1st Technique:
Tate hishigi
Vertical bending
2nd Technique:
Kubi hisigi
Neck bending
3rd Technique:
Osae hisigi
Bending by holding
4th Technique:
Gayaku hisigi
Reverse bending
5th Technique:
Kubi tate hishigi
Vertical neck

Te kansetzu Ude kansetzu Ashi kansetzu Kubi kansetzu
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