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Kick Strike Others

on the floor

Prevent attacks in the ground position

When standing, the defense as opposed to the defense in the ground is relatively simple. Unfortunately, it often happens that at physical abuse that the attacker does not release of one. Kicks, beatings and choking (see freeings - Stangulations in the ground) come here the most common. But even grip attacks are possible.

Reasons why people fall into the bottom layer can be varied, for example:

  • The attacker brings the defender to the ground
  • Loss of balance
  • The aggressor is fixed in the ground, can free himself and draws the defender to the ground
  • and more ...

As part of the Ju Jutsu training, students are always encouraged to expect potentially multiple attackers or a weapon can still be unsheathed. Therefore, one should not go voluntarily to the ground. Should this nevertheless occur, the defender should leave as quickly as possible the ground. In the bottom its own motion and the perception of the environment is much more limited. In a typical fight, a defensive situation in the ground unfortunately comes quite often.

When one is in the bottom position, experience shows that the attacker often tried to attack the defender primarily by kicking and hurting. Under certain circumstances the attacker may throws objects or smashes a chair on the defender.

Women are mainly attacked of sexually motivated reasons therefore, the topic of "defense against ground attacks" has for females a far greater meaning as in men.

The defense of attacks in the ground has a great importance for different reasons:

  • Men try to avoid further injuries and try to injure the attacker by counter attacks or to return to the state.
  • Women are naturally protect herself against further injury, but priority is here probably the defense of sexual assault.

The expected attacks of the attacker against the fallen defenders are thus strongly gender dependent.

Kick Strike Others
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