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Defence on knife attacks

The knife is one of the main instruments, cult symbols, ritual and craft objects of man. It is a working tool that is used as a cutting tool and consists out of a blade and a handle part. Originally a utensil dominated by its functionalitythe, the knife was a tool, household appliance and weapon in one.

A far greater significance has the knife as a weapon in the civilian sector. It is easy to obtain, can be carried anywhere and worn discreetly on the body. Knife like objects represents the weapons used in violent crimes most frequently

For this reason, types of knives that have a particular weapon character are legally regulated in many countries. This applies especially to the part of the jackknifes. But many acts are perpetrated with normal kitchen knives.


Most knives, and other shock and cutting weapons fall in Germany under the weapons act (WaffG), these are in particular:

  • Knives in which the blade is flicked forward (flick knives).
  • Knives in which the blade drops forward out of the handle (gravity knife).
  • Knives in which the blade is at a right angles to the grip, an can be hold in a fist (fist knife)
  • folding knives with a split, swivelling grip (butterfly knives)

Only the fraction of a second and you're dead.

The best defense against weapons is basically de-escalation, or the taking of flight.

The defense techniques shown here are, of course also represent on other objects (e.g. smashed bottles or any objects) on which a high potential for injury, applicable.

Life is too precious to take a risk!

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