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Slap on face Punch Shock


Defense of striking techniques

There are a variety of punches, which an attacker can use and place. Here we think about a "not martial artists". The normal average attacker will place all likelihood, his punches towards the head of the defender. Here are some types of punches from boxing:

  • Jab
    The jab is a direct punch with the fist. The pelvis, the shoulder and the arm are thereby rotated to the back, while the fist on the shortest path hits the target.
  • Lateral hook
    Lateral hooks are struck from a shorter distance from the defender and the impact hand describes a circular motion.
  • Uppercut
    An uppercut is a punch, which as a target usually has the chin of the defender. The subversive force of this impact comes not only from the arm muscles, but from a rotational movement of the entire upper body. When you beat the attacker stretches himself upwards.
  • Haymaker
    A haymaker is a blow, which is prepared by an arcuate movement of the hand, which increases its intensity. If a haymaker is far striking out, thus the impact is substantially increased.

On the other hand, there are the less aggressive beats such as the pushing or the classic slap on the face. The slap is done from the side with the flat hand in the face of another. The use of a slap in the face can result in a criminal complaint by the party involved to criminal proceedings for assault in coincidence with a violent offense (A slight slap in the face, which is only irrelevant impaired the physical integrity, does not constitute injury, but usually met always the offense of violent offense).

In the defense against impact and punches the defense technique is always situation and background dependent and should always be chosen in a proportionate manner. A "minor crash" justifies e.g. breaking the wrist!

Slap on face Punch Shock
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