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Defense of kicking techniques

Kicking techniques (Keri waza or Ashi ate waza) are referred to attacks that are executed with the foot, the shin or knee. Generally kicks are more powerful, but also much slower than punches.

The advantages of kicks against Punches are primarily the power and range. The disadvantages here are the - compared to punches - slow execution and the temporary abandonment of the fixed object. But we do not want to go on kicking techniques in this area (see basics - Ashi ate waza), but dedicate ourselves to defense of kicks of an attacker.

The "standard aggressor", thus the "not martial artists" has got a plurality of kick variants to attack.

  • The sidekick
    The sidekick is probably the most common attack technique.
  • The frontkick
    The frontkick is often used as a kick in the lower abdomen (testicles).
  • The knee strike
    Just like the knee strike in the lower abdomen, at close distance between attacker and defender.
  • Special kicks
    Kicks of attackers, which operate a martial art, such as rear kick, high kicks to the head, etc.
  • Unfortunately, it comes in escalating situations again and again to kick attacks, if the defender is in the ground, this defense techniques are presented in the "Defense in the ground" area.

The top priority in the defense of kicking techniques, is probably shortening the distance to the attacker. Kicks have, the more the contact surface is away from the attacker's body, much more energy. By shortening the distance, the target surface is closer to the body of the aggressor and the kick loses power (lever rule). The same also applies to punches.

Conclusion: A hit with the tip directed significantly more damage to the defenders than a hit with the femoral, at a corresponding distance shortening.

frontal lateral
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